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Using the Hue/Saturation dialog to adjust a photo

Targeting Hue/Saturation Adjustments in Photoshop

Use Photoshop's Hue/Saturation adjustments to change colors…

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detail of floral clusters modified using Isolate Layers

Using Isolate Layers in Photoshop CC

Use Photoshop's Isolate Layers feature to force the Layers panel to show only the layers you're interested in…

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Using an iPad as a Sketchbook

Can the iPad replace your portable sketchpad? The answer, for you, depends on how you use your sketchpad…

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Pillow and poster from Von Glitschka

Von Glitschka’s Art: Creating with Illustrator & Astute Graphics plugins

See illustrator Von Glitschka create designs with Astute Graphics’s Illustrator plugins…

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Effect of adjustment using Color Range mask

Photoshop How To: Selecting With Color Range

Learn how to creative and save good selections (and masks), and adjust color and tone.

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